Thursday, March 25, 2010


Uppitay, uppitay, uppitay! Who would have thought that Alden would use a made up word from a phrase that I would tell him when I was lifting him up saying, "uppitay, uppitay, uppitay," to name his blanket. Yes, the ever so almighty power of the blanket. "Uppitay" is the hug when feeling down. "Uppitay" is the smile when Alden sheds a tear. "Uppitay" is the safe place, the security, the cuddling, the support, the warmth, the beauty, and the strength all sewn into the threads of what others may perceive as just a blanket. He carries his Uppitay with him just about everywhere, except to go to school (at first, he did take it to school in his backpack). So gently, he holds Uppitay close to his face, gliding it across his cheeks. He then moves it down passed his chest and tummy. He holds it out, never taking his eyes off of it, almost like he is counting the worn threads or perhaps, studying their patterns. He moves his fingers across the chenille core over and over again where the fabric is raining, separating piece by thread. Alden brings Uppitay again to his face, and jumps up and down and moans, "ehhhhh." Life is now ok.

Alden holds Uppitay like it is a lifeline. Well, to him, it is. The familiarness of what he has always known. Since birth, this was Alden's warmth and comfort. Now, this is what makes sense in Alden's universe. Uppitay is a constant; a beautifulness to life's chaos. When life doesn't make sense and language overloads the already overloaded stimuli of the world around him, Uppitay is his serenity.

Alden is my Uppitay. Life is going to be ok.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The "Other" Momma

All children amaze me when it comes telling what is on their little minds. The truth of what they are thinking, well, it just comes out. In Alden's case, sameness is essential for him. Even when it comes to his momma. When I was working full time, I would wake up, shower, and get ready before I would get the kids up. The kids saw me dressed, "made up," and ready to go. Since leaving my job, I still wake up before the kids, so I have time to jump in the shower and have a little time to get ready before the chaos begins. However, there are times when my little guy, Alden, hears me and wakes up at the same time. Alden has to wake up early to get ready for his 2 1/2 hours of preschool. Alden will come into the bathroom and look at me. Staring. I give him a big hug and tell him, "Good morning, Alden." "I am so proud of you for waking up all by yourself." Alden, still staring at me, will then say, "Where did the other momma go?" "I want the other momma." OK. I just have to crack up. Do I have to get up even earlier just to put makeup on for my three year old? :) Alden does get over the fact that I am not made up and I get him off to school. When Alden arrives home on the bus, he hugs me, then just stares at me... In shear excitement, Alden exclaims, "It's the other momma!" Got to love it!