Monday, May 3, 2010

Do Children See Angels?

Do you believe that children see angels? I am a believer. We all would love some sort of proof that angels exist. It would be amazing to know that an angel watches over us. I am a believer. Alden has seemed to attract angels since we brought him home from the hospital. He would stare up into the corners of our living room and smile or just laugh. I didn't have any proof of what he saw until he was about four months old. I had been video taping him in his exersaucer and was stunned by what I had just witnessed. Using an older video recorder that took 8mm tapes, I was filming his cute antics and babbling. After several minutes of priceless moments, I noticed a circular white light glide across the LCD screen. No way. What was that? I was taken back a bit, but continued filming. There it goes again, gliding across from the other direction, then shooting upwards. OK. I stopped the filming at that instant so that I could rewind the tape and review that I wasn't just seeing things. Sure enough, white orbs of light had glided just as I had thought I saw. I kept rewinding and reviewing in disbelief. Over and over, I watched the orbs of light glow across the screen, right in front of Alden. So taken back by what I had caught on video, I at first failed to watch what Alden was doing at the time. Rewinding again, in my bewilderment, Alden's eyes were following each light orb as they passed before him. He was smiling at the balls of light, following their rather intentional paths, reaching them with his eyes. Did Alden see angels? Did I? As Alden got older and able to speak, and several other videos showing similar lights around him, Alden would say, "There's the man," pointing to a corner of the living room or by our front door. "He's happy," Alden would say. Shivers would travel down my spine because he would say this just out of the blue. Then, one day, when Alden was two, I was cleaning out an antique secretary that held a photo of myself with my grandfather who passed about twenty years ago. I was his only granddaughter and had an extremely close relationship with him. Actually, my wedding was in his memory and Alden holds part of his namesake. As I had the photo on the dining room table, Alden looked at the photo and seemed to be studying it for several minutes. I asked him if he knew who this was, pointing to myself, as I was several years younger. "That's Mamma," he replied with no hesitation. Then, my heart dropped as he said, "And that's Grandpa, the man."

Do you believe that children see angels? I am a believer.