Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Beauty in the Beast

Like a rose, perfect and beautiful, it has its imperfections. Asperger's and Alden has its imperfections in this perfect little guy. OK, I know, we all think that our children are perfect, most of the time... Alden's beauty in this beast far outweighs the negatives. Trying to find the the beauty is sometimes the hardest part. Life is imperfect, and this is just the reminder. However, life's perfections are quite beautiful if we can only see it. There are days of constant struggle - not as much for Alden, but for me. Questioning "Why?" seems to plague the unnecessity of it all. Screaming "Why?" seems to wear out the energies that you need to guide these, or any children. I have given up the "Why?" and faced the unraveled beauty of it all. I truly believe that Alden is here to teach me something - perhaps something about myself. The beauty in recognizing all of the challenges for him that I take for granted. I am trying to understand things through his eyes, soul, and heart. Not an easy task, but it seems that putting myself in his shoes, helps me to help him. The cliche' really exudes power to its action and not just its words. Through the meltdowns when Alden's Hotwheel cars get misaligned or the frustrations in him not wanting to even try new foods or a sippy cup, I look at him - simply - but with a huge breath - and grasp onto his challenge to help him through. He loves... and that is what it is all about. My beauty in this beast of life must be the example for him (and for his sister, Olivia). It is definitely not as easy as these written words speak, however, embracing the beauty may be what can ultimately conquer this beast.


  1. Finding beauty in every day -- a challenge and a goal and a reason for living. Well said.

    Best wishes to you and your family, Laura.

    Your cousin,

  2. Thank you, Sarah! Thanks for inspiring me to write again. Best to you and your beautiful family!