Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wrote in Rote

Auditory Processing is something that I am simply trying to wrap my brain around. Complex in its definition, I can't begin to imagine the struggle that my son feels in his little mind. With Alden's normal ability to hear sounds, he has a difficult time interpreting those sounds. Can you imagine? I think of auditory processing as a word search - there are lots of words that you can recognize, but they are all jumbled up. It is difficult enough to make sense of our world, and even more so for Alden to find a way to make sense of his world. Perhaps like learning the grammar of a foreign language for us. The amazing ability to adapt to the communication barrier is for Alden to have rote and repetitive language. Sameness, go figure... Alden speaks using what he knows and often using the same phrase after a typical activity like drinking his juice, "Momma, you were so thirsty." (Speaking of himself). Alden also frequently speaks in the third person. It actually makes sense that he says, "Alden is so thirsty," or "You were so thirsty," because that is what he hears. We do correct his patterns, and sometimes he repeats the, "I was so thirsty." Other times, he says with frustration, "No, Momma." I let it be and just from his response I know that at that time, it is too much for him to comprehend. That's OK. Just imagine, hearing a language all day long and constantly trying to make sense out of it. Exhausting. I have learned that patience and understanding are key to what we take for granted. Just as Alden is learning to make sense out of his world, I am trying to find ways to help him make sense out of ours.

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