Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hidden Wings

Bells were ringing the day my daughter, Olivia, was born. There was a purpose chosen for her. This beautiful, endearing, little girl had a path already leading to bring heartfelt empathy and understanding to all that have the priviledge of knowing her. Though only two, Olivia has a brightness and passion, and of course, an inherited stubborness from her mommy, but a giving soul when it comes to offering her heart to her brother. Of course, Olivia doesn't understand that Alden is different than other three-year-olds. She doesn't realize that disturbing the lining up of 50 Hotwheel cars will cause utter chaos - or does she? Olivia does test Alden - How close can I get to Alden's cars? Will Alden lash out at me if I touch one? I think I will try anyway. Determined, Olivia glorifies in each moment that Alden acknowledges her attempt to play with him. They laugh. It is the most beautiful sound. Olivia tries so hard for Alden's acceptance, even though she may get turned down on many occasions, she is inclined to win him over. The bells rang many times the day Olivia was born. It takes most of us a lifetime to earn our wings. Though hidden, the wings upon which she flies, we know that there is an angel among us.

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